Welcome to our Book promotion video page

NQ Media has provided a number of book promotion videos to a number of popular authors and their publishers over the last year or so.

Our aim is to provide an effective and highly affordable video to promote your latest work. We offer a range of pricing options which start from just under £100 and you can contact us now at sales@nqmedia.co.uk.

Benefits of our Book Promotion Videos

Highly affordable
Each video is tailormade to your own requirements
Video provides an excellent platform to get your work seen
Free support and advice on where to upload your video too
Additional upload services available

Book Promotion Video

Some examples of the Videos we have created for our clients

Ogmios Series by Steven Savile

Falwyn by Ashley L Knight

Watcher of the Dark by Joseph Nassise

Out On Top – Steve Morris


  • The modern world is about perception and public faces. You want to be eye-catching, you want to be cutting edge, offering something different, adding value to the interactive experience. Face it, everything's connected and that means today everything's important. It's part of the whole package. That's where NQ Media come in. They offered a first class service and were fantastic to work with. Everything about the process was painless, even if I didn't know exactly what I wanted and would keep asking what I assumed was impossible, they listened to my ideas and found ways to improve on them, and in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get world that's no easy task. In a word, brilliant. And as a creative person you really do appreciate creativeness in others, especially when they make you look better than you are.
    Steven Savile
    International Bestselling Author of Silver, HNIC and over 30 other novels